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July 2015 Etsy Sale

Here are my monthly etsy sale items.  Click on the images to go the listings.

Hand Printed and Hand Sewn Monarch Butterfly Pin Cushions

Hand Printed Monarch Butterfly Pin Cushion by Imogen Smid

Embossed Leather Egyptian God Sobek Armbands

Leather Sobek Armband by Imogen Smid

Hand Printed Tree Ring Pouches, great as a tarot bag, rune bag, dice bag, marble bag etc.

Tarot pouch – rune pouch – dice pouch – marble pouch

Hand Printed Red Tree Rings Pouch by Imogen Smid

Hand Printed Roman Hedgehog Travel Game, originally known as Mola Rotunda.

Hand Printed Roman Windmill Game for Two Players by Imogen Smid


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