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Octopus of Many Eyes by Imogen Smid (background texture by

I just started and new board on Pinterest for pictures of Jellyfish, Octopodes, Anemones, Starfish and Squid.  I felt so inspired I thought I had to make my own little octopus creation too.

Fun Fact: Did you know the commonly used plural Octopi is grammatically incorrect?  The word Octopus is originally Greek.  Whereas the use of -i in Octopi as a plural of the singular -us, is in fact Latin.  The Greek plural ending for a singular noun ending is -us is -odes, making Octopodes the correct plural of Octopus.  You’re actually better off saying Octopuses when speaking English than saying Octopi.

Originally drawn with Kita-Boshi Pencil and background added digitally.  Background texture is from the open source website

2 comments on “Octopus

  1. Kirsten
    January 22, 2016

    I love your Octopus illustration and very interesting facts.

  2. imogensmid
    January 22, 2016

    Thanks, glad you like it 🙂

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