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Indian Ink …<3

Busy working away on the illustration for my next “Meaning to Symbols” blog article, will be smashing it with colour soon.  I hope to finish it next week and post the next article which will be on Creation.  I’ll also be taking photos as I go along to show the progression of this illustration 🙂

Creation in the form of The Chalice Well WIP by Imogen Smid

This part of the process was done with Indian Ink, which is great stuff!  I use it quite a bit, mainly with a quill as shown here but sometimes also with a brush.  For those who aren’t familiar with Indian Ink: when it dries it becomes completely waterproof.  That means that I can continue to colour this picture with Ecoline (liquid watercolour) without any of the lines running.  You can also mix Indian Ink with water to create shades of grey and black and then ink over the top when it’s dried for a different effect 🙂

One comment on “Indian Ink …<3

  1. Kirsten
    April 6, 2016

    This is looking really good Imogen. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished painting.

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